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Calming Gift Bag

The Canyon

Bring mellow vibes into your home or to someone you love. Our 100% cotton, reusable tote is filled with the Moon Goddess Velvet Journal, a Morning Sun Candle, and our favorite Must Have Earrings. As always, your goodies are accompanied by The Canyon Pins and Guitar Pick. Hand delivered within five miles or shipped (always free) to your door.


Moon Goddess Journal

  • A cool velvet covered place for you to think and dream


Morning Sun Candle

  • Fresh citrus scents will lift your spirits and soothe your mind (2 oz. soy wax candle in clear glassware; burn time approx. 16 hours.)


Must Have Earrings

  • Delicate stud earrings that make you feel cute and calm wether you're lounging at home or going out for dinner


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