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Jackson Worker - Tyrone Iced Coffee


$79.50 USD

Tyrone Iced Coffee

Workwear may seem utilitarian, but it has given us so much over the years, beginning with the first Levi's® blue jeans in 1873. Carrying on that tradition is our bestselling Jackson Worker Overshirt, a workwear-inspired top that expertly blends comfort and versatility. With a classic silhouette, durable construction and utility pockets, it's the kind of top you'll buy once and wear forever.


  • Material: 100% Cotton 
  • Care Instructions: machine wash cold 


  • Relaxed fit. 
  • Specs for Men's Medium: Neck = 15.25 - 15.75", Chest = 37 - 40", Waist = 31 - 34", Seat = 36 - 39"