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Head East - Our Kantha Patchwork Jackets Have Arrived!

It's been quite a journey - one that started in Jaisalmer, known as the "Golden City". We got a DM out of the blue from a family business centered in the west Indian desert.  They'd noticed we carry Kantha blankets and reached out, explaining they had something new, something beautiful and unique we might be interested in - hand-crafted patchwork jackets made from new and vintage Kantha blankets.

Kantha Jackets


"Soon we were on a Whatsapp video call with them
as they showed us a selection of blankets to pick from."

Kantha which means “patched cloth” is a traditional embroidery craft using a straight “running stitch”  created over five hundred years ago by rural women using pieces of discarded fabric to create blankets. Contemporary Kantha has retained the charm and timeless nature of this centuries old tradition.

Soon we were on a Whatsapp video call with them as they showed us a selection of blankets and we picked the ones the jackets would be made from. It was magical - us here in Beachwood Canyon and our new friends far away in the Indian desert. After we selected the blankets, it was a waiting game as they were cut apart, reassembled into jackets and shipped.

They finally arrived, we opened the box and intricate abstract patterns in vibrant colors spilled out, classic design merging with traditional practical comfort, the patterns and colors reassembled into stunning folk style Mondrian-like collages.

They also sent shoulder totes made from the vintage blankets.

Being made from discarded fabric, no new raw materials, dyes or water were used in their production, the pieces they’re made from have been kept out of landfills and the jackets are made to last, making them an eco-friendly choice.

Swing by the store and try one on or click here to see our online Collection and maybe you’ll feel the desert wind and the golden sandstone streets of Jaisalmer half a world away.