November 27, 2020

Meet #canyongirl Jana

Meet #canyongirl Jana

Jana's been with us from the day The Canyon opened. We thought we'd sit down, have a conversation and get to know more about the girl behind the legend. Now you can too!

What’s your sign?    

Where are you from?    
Bielefeld, Germany

What are you listening to?
Maggie Rogers, Led Zeppelin, Stan Getz, Beach Boys
What are you watching?
Amelie, The Office, Pride and Prejudice, any true crime

What’s your favorite LA music venue?    
The Greek

Who's your 70's crush?    
Diane Keaton

What's your spirit animal?
What other era would you want to live in?
The 70's 

Beach or Mountains?    

What do you do when you aren't at The Canyon?    
Writing, acting, yoga, reading, knitting, hiking, surfing!

Who inspires you?
Frances McDormand, Patti Smith, Meryl Streep, my Mama
What’s your fave go to Canyon Girl piece?
Levi’s Denim Sherpa Jacket


Jana was born and raised in Bielefeld, Germany and grew up with two younger siblings. Music, books, theatre and film were always a big part of her upbringing and something her parents quite encouraged. Her mother worked as a seamstress for a big fashion house when Jana was born and brought fashion as a tool for self expression into her life. 

"I always loved dressing how I felt rather than what was cool at the time"

Her mother would sew her coats and jackets, even bell bottomed jeans with beaded fringe at the hem. "It was truly something, having clothes no one could buy, that were really just for me and what I loved." 

Jana discovered her love for acting when she was a teenager and knew almost right away that she wanted to pursue it as a serious career, but never had any concrete plans to move to Los Angeles.

 "It was always going to be Berlin, I thought. But clearly life had other plans."

Moving never felt scary, it was just something that happened, almost inevitable. "I was on a five months trip out in California with a friend. After those five months were up, I simply stayed." She hasn't regretted it since. 

"I live by my gut, once I can feel a decision is made I rarely change my mind."

Jana graduated from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in LA and has since made a life acting, modeling and living out her love for fashion at The Canyon. She also recently started her own line of products @lorangeproducts, a unique blend of her handmade fiber art and skin care products all centered around her favorite energy boosting and happiness inducing color orange.