Patrice Quinn Singular Hems

Heirloom Blanket

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Patrice Quinn’s, ‘Singular Items’

Patrice Quinn is a multi-dimensional, multi-media artist. Member of the local Canyon community, she creates ‘Singular Items’; unique, handmade works of couture fashion and heirloom, functional art; and a line exclusively designed for The Canyon.

I want to make affordable, high-end, classic, stylish items; expressive of an ethic and vibe. In line with why The Canyon is my ‘go-to’ for stage and backstage wear, and things in between. Relevant, timeless; like music, jazz and the values of community, beauty, celebration, excellence and singular style; that brought us all here to the heart of Hollywood. I can count on Cynthia and Dean to have curated something I can rely on to let me be comfortable and happy and express myself. 

The Blankets -

Traveling in a tour bus; every night, a different country or town; the stage, art; being able to share what it’s all about, makes it all worthwhile. Every human being needs some comfort and beauty in our lives.

It was freezing on that tour bus! I started crocheting a blanket directly onto my body. Gathering yarns across Iceland, Norway, Finland, England, Portugal; as I went; ending up with a beautiful, soft, warm artifact; I needed, and fell in love with.

The blanket; made of cashmere, Shetland, mohair and other fine wools, linens, cottons, silks, vintage fibers; and a little bling. Crocheted; which mankind has yet to make a machine that can do. It carries the distinction of how it was made; in how it feels and what it evokes; weighty; but breathable; luxurious, it drapes on the body like fishnet. Weave and color; singular composition; looks beautiful, feels even better; reflecting true value, and the choice for it.

Medium / Classic Pom: 30" x 41"
Medium / Grassroots Pom: 37" x 29"
Large / Classic Pom: 58" x 39"