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Joshua Tree Coffee

JT Coffee Co.

$18.00 USD

Espresso (Dark Roast)
First Roast (Medium Roast)
Mellow Ethiopian (Light Roast)
Breakfast Bliss (Medium Roast)

Premium organic coffee, roasted with love in JT. Joshua Tree small batch roasts embody the unique energy and culture of Joshua Tree, California. 


Espresso: Dark Roast

Traditional dark roast. Blending Columbian and Honduran coffee beans, this organic roast has low acidity and full body, making it perfect for pulling beautiful, flavorful shots. 


The First Roast: Med/Dark Roast 

The First Roast is a blend of Columbian, Honduran, and Ethiopian beans. It combines the thick, syrupy body of a dark roast, the sweetness of a medium roast, and the balanced acidity and unique attributes of peaberry all in one delightful black coffee. 


Mellow Ethiopian: Light Roast 

Featuring peaberry coffee beans from carefully chosen Ethiopian growers in Yirgacheffe and its neighboring zones, this light roast is bright with well-balanced acidity and sweet fruit overtones. Redefining the experience of drinking a light roast coffee, this premium organic coffee has a full body suitable for both pulling espresso shots and other brewing methods.



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