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The Canyon Candle - Beachwood

The Canyon

$38.00 USD

Our first scented candle is now available online! The scent is inspired by fig, jasmine, moss, cedar and palo santo found in the hills of Beachwood Canyon, Los Angeles. Hand poured with care in Downtown LA and made with a coconut soy base and essential oils. 

We hope you enjoy the earthy soft scent curated to calm and ground you and bring a little Beachwood Canyon to your space.

be cool be yourself



  • Frosted amber glass vessel 
  • Premium coconut/soy wax
  • Essential oils 
  • 9 oz candle 
  • hand poured in Los Angeles 


  • Clip the wick about 1/4" down from the top before lighting the candle each time
  • When burning for the first time, we recommend you burn for 1 - 2 hours before blowing out the flame to ensure an even burn  
  • Stop  burning when 1/2" wax remains 
  • Avoid burning the candle in drafty areas and ensure all packaging is removed 
  • Burn 3-4 hours maximum per use on a stable, heat resistant surface

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