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Happy 6th Anniversary to Us!

The Canyon celebrated it's 6th Anniversary on June 7th! Wooohooo! What better way to celebrate than with a good ol' fashioned Canyon Family BBQ! We had a wonderful evening together filled with laughter, love & gratitude for this special place & each other.

Dean, Nico, Kat & Shulian enjoying burgers, beer, wine and a cool marine layer before summer hits!

We really knew how to clear our plates! It's safe to say the crowd fav was Nico & Shulian's amazing Mac n' Cheese! Gonna need that recipe! 


If you only knew the drama behind the making of these cheesecakes! Note to self: when oven doesn't work, don't bake  cheesecake in a toaster oven!

Happy 6th birthday...and many more!

We knew the night was over once Noah started throwin' us his sleepy boy face.


To The Canyon! *Clink*


We surprised Cam with this awesome farewell tee signed by Team Canyon! Wishing you all the best on your journey!

Hey Everybody - Cameron here! I'm leaving LA for a new life in Austin but want to say I am so grateful to have been a part of Team Canyon for the past two years. I moved here from Australia completely alone & quickly found a home at 5911 Franklin Ave. 

 To The Canyon Gals past, present & future, you have been (and I hope will be - I plan to stay in touch!) some of my bestest friends in LA. I admire your creativity, passion, kindness & more. To our current team: Kerri, Kat, Shulian, Ella, Anna Beth & Dani, keep being awesome! 

To Cynthia, Dean & Shepard, thank you for your willingness to inspire us, encourage & teach us to strive to realize our dreams & never give up. Dean said something that really stuck with me at the BBQ about starting The Canyon: "We never had a Plan B". You guys dove into the deep end & gave yourselves no option for failure, only success!

See y'all on Zoom! 
Lots of Love,