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Summer Love

Lazy? Check. Hazy? Check (It’s LA). Crazy? Gettin’ there.

Summer’s here and the time is right for a morning walk in the park. Rachel and Julia can’t wait to try out new summer outfits in the wild, so they head up the canyon to nearby Bronson Canyon Park to climb beech trees and dance barefoot chasing shade.

Rachel and Julia - like all our models - are store customers. Rachel (blonde) is the wild one. Born and raised in Wiesbaden Germany until she was 13, she grew up playing soccer (and snowboarding, basketball, volleyball, softball, handball, the list goes on). She claims to have broken every bone in her body as an avid striker.

Julia is a wild child in her own quieter way. She and Rachel surf off point Mugu even though she can’t swim. Seriously. She taught herself German and is now mastering Russian and international finance.

"As the sun rises higher they head to The Batcave"

As the sun rises higher they head to the deep shade of The Batcave. The one time rock quarry became a prime location for TV and film shoots in the 20’s. It’s main claim to fame is being used as Batman’s lair in the Adam West ‘60’s TV series. It’s been featured in over 100 productions and is still in demand as a local Western/Sci Fi location.